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Parent Testimonials for Diamond Street Early Childhood Center

-When I look over the past 6 ½ years that I have hired DSECC to care for by two children, the word “trust” comes to mind. I trust the staff at DSECC with my children. The rewards of the trust are of such magnitude I would never be able to list all of them. One of the greatest rewards has been watching my 6-year-old daughter grow into a young lady who loves to learn. It is my opinion that this love of learning stems from the love given to the children and the decisions that are made for their best interest from all the staff at DSECC. I owe the teachers at DSECC so much for the years of hard work they have placed in both my children and these mere words cannot truly extend the thanks, admiration, and love I feel towards each of the staff we have worked with. Cheri

-I was looking at your website teacher bios and it reminded me of how much I appreciate you all so much and how I often want to express my thanks to the team/family at DSECC and Akron Mennonite Church. The impact this care provides my son, me, and other families in the community is immeasurable. I thank God for all of you and this opportunity and support often. I would really like to express to your staff how much it has blessed me that EVERY TIME I have communicated with a teacher about my son I have been given such loving attention and positive feedback. I appreciate that in this setting where a teacher has many children to care for and interact with; the children at DSECC are given a great amount of individual attention and affirmation. ……. Also the scholarship is hugely appreciated. Heidi

-…..as important as the education is that our children receive here, it’s as important to us that they are loved, respected, and cared for….This ministry of Diamond Street Early Childhood Center has touched our family and we are deeply grateful. Marty

-Before we joined DSECC I was a big skeptic of church daycare and preschool. When a colleague suggested DSECC, I was skeptical because it was in a church, but since he was a doctor I figured I would trust his opinion. Now almost 2 years later, we have not only been impressed with the growth of our children’s learning skills, but we have been even more impressed with the teachers who work with our children. It seems the staff really enjoy being here and they love the children. I truly know that my children are in great hands! Rafael