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our mission

Diamond Street enables families to be successful. Our programs provide a strong foundation of education for your child in their most critical years while providing convenient care for working families. We also provide scholarships for families in need. 

Values Statements

In recognition of God's call to the faithful community to respond to the needs of our world, the values of DSECC include a commitment to:

  • CHILDREN - The belief that educating and caring for children is one of the great missions of life;
  • FAMILIES - The desire to strengthen families through parent resources and involvement;
  • TEACHERS - The support of highly trained, committed teachers who are valued and aware of their lasting contributions to the children's quality of life;
  • AKRON MENNONITE CHURCH - The acknowledgement that DSECC is a local community missional response for Akron Mennonite Church;


THE WORLD - The responsibility to be involved in community and global concerns and to peaceful engagement with all we meet