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Mindy Reigel

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Operations Director

Mindy has been at DSECC since 2010.  She has an Associate’s Degree in Child Development from Kaplan University.

Her vision for Diamond Street is to create a warm, inviting environment for the families and children of Diamond Street that fosters a love of learning and a sense of security, and that they feel loved, valued and appreciated.

Gloria Nwabueze

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Educational Director

Gloria has been employed at DSECC since January 2017.  She has a Master’s degree in Education: Teaching and Curriculum from Pennsylvania State University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Pennsylvania State University, and she has her PA Director credentials.  

She enjoys helping children discover new things and watch them show pride in their accomplishments and new learning. 

Our Wonderful Staff

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  • Lisa has been with Diamond Street since 2015. She has her AA in Early Childhood Education and has been in the teaching field since 2010. Her vision for the infants is to help them develop from babies to toddlers, especially in the areas of gross motor, cognitive, and social-emotional development.

    Lisa Rickabaugh
    Warblers - Teacher
  • Anna loves being a part of Diamond Street and working closely with children. This is a passion of hers and she is thankful for the opportunity to work in the Warbler room.

    Anna Orlando
    Warblers - Assistant Teacher
  • Rachel Ceresini
    Warblers - Assistant Teacher
  • Amy has been with Diamond Street since 1997. She has her AA in ECE from HACC. Her vision for her class is to see every child learn and grow through exploration and discovery.

    Amy Shirk
    Bluebirds - Teacher
  • Janelle graduated from Ephrata High School in 2015. She attended the Career and Technology School in the early childhood program during her senior year. She loves to be outdoors, scrapbooking, and spending time with her family and friends. Her goal is to teach the children new skills that will help them as they grow older.

    Janelle Christian
    Bluebirds - Assistant Teacher
  • Andrea started with Diamond Street in 2017. She attended CTC'S Early Childhood Program and is ready to complete her nationally recognized Development Certificate. Andrea's roots run deep with Diamond Street as she attended the center as a child and is happy to give back.

    Andrea Flores
    Bluebirds - Assistant Teacher
  • Michelle has been with Diamond Street since 2010. She has her AA in ECE from HACC. Her vision for her class is for each child to be excited to come to school every day and be ready to learn.

    Michelle Landis
    Robins - Teacher
  • Jody has been with Diamond Street since 2011. She has her nationally recognized Child Development Certificate and is currently pursuing her AA in ECE. Jody was previously an assistant in the Warblers and Bluebirds rooms and is happy to be teaching our Robins.

    Jody Hoover
    Robins - Teacher
  • Estu has been with Diamond Street since 2012. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture. She obtained her Child Development Associate Certificate in 2017. She welcomes, loves, cares, and nurtures the children as they grow in their own uniqueness to their fullest potential.

    Estu Horning
  • Kelly has been with Diamond Street since 2004. She has AA in ECE from Reading Area Community College. Her vision for her class is for the children to learn and grow throughout the year.

    Kelly Noll
    Swans - Teacher
  • Barb obtained an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Bachelor's Degree in Child Development and a PA Director Credential. She loves teaching young children because they are so full of curiosity and wonder. They are amazed at the simplest things that we adults take for granted. They keep her young.

    Barb Fishel
    Hummingbirds - Teacher
  • Gabrielle Woods
    Hummingbirds - Assistant Teacher
  • Kayla has an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. She has been with Diamond Street since 2016 and loves being able to help children reach their potential and see that light go on when they get something.

    Kayla Hicks
    Cardinals - Teacher
  • Breann enjoys reading, and family. Her passion is teaching children.

    Breann Carpenter
    Cardinals - Assistant Teacher
  • Paola joins us from Colombia. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education from the National Pedagogical University. She believes with all her heart that education is the way to social transformation. She accompanies the Cardinal class in the afternoons and every day she learns a little more of their different ways of being and knowing the world.

    Paola Garcia-Romero
    Cardinals - Assistant Teacher
  • Stephanie has been with Diamond Street since 2013. She has her Bachelors in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from Millersville University. Her goal is to provide children with new experiences to help them develop their skills. She finds it amazing to see how they grow and learn throughout the year.

    Stephanie Johnson
    Orioles - Teacher
  • Ms. Debbie has been with Diamond Street since 2000. She assists in the Pre-K Counts classroom, while enjoying her summers off. She earned an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education from HACC. Her job in the Pre-K classroom allows her to work part-time and have more time to spend with her family and hang at their cabin!

    Deborah Mentzer
    Orioles - Assistant Teacher
  • Angela has a Bachelor's in Education from West Chester University. She has been inspired to shape and teach little minds since she was in high school. She is a firm believer in student-directed learning and allowing students to explore the connection between academics and real world experiences. Her goal is for her students to develop a sense of who they are and how they can nurture themselves and each other.

    Angela Fry
    Owls - Teacher
  • Miss Sandi has been with Diamond Street since 2010. She has a BS in Education from the University of Akron (Ohio) and holds a certificate of Biblical Studies. She enjoys her time with the children of Diamond Street. She finds every child to be curious, talented and a true gift to be treasured.

    Sandra Richard Wood
    Music and Bible Teacher
  • Since 2000, Susan has been a part of our DSECC family. She prepares delicious breakfasts, lunches and snacks with love.

    Susan Miller
    Dietary Supervisor
  • Miss Dolly and her family came to the United States in 2000 from Peru. She started working at Diamond Street in 2001 and became an American citizen in 2006. She has a degree in Nursing Technique and obtained her CDA in 2006. She has five children and five grandchildren. Miss Dolly enjoys teaching, helping, and watching children grow.

    Dolly Saenz
    Kitchen Assistant and Bluebirds - Assistant Teacher
  • Tricia has an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education and is a full-time floater at Diamond Street. While partaking in each class and assisting the teachers, her vision is to provide children with life skills and experiences and hope they will continue to have interest in learning about the world around them.

    Tricia Sweigart
  • Katie Hornbaker
    Eagles - Teacher
  • Brenda began working at Diamond Street in 2017. She also works in the Ephrata School District as a Playground Aide and Office Assistant. She currently assists the Eagles classroom in the afternoons. She enjoys playing games, doing crafts, and talking with the children.

    Brenda Kulp
    Eagles - Assistant Teacher
  • Kim earned a BS in Elementary and Special Education from IUP. She spent a few years substitute teaching then decided to enter the world of nonprofits. She worked at the PA Breast Cancer Coalition for over 13 years. Most recently she was a Legal Assistant. She lives in Akron. She enjoys assisting the DSECC staff as they help little ones grow, learn, and have fun!

    Kim Bell
    Administrative Assistant
  • Jody has been with Diamond Street since 2017. She is a foster/adoptive parent and has adopted 5 children from foster care. She taught daycare for 8 years before becoming a stay-at-home mom. Jody enjoys watching the children grow and interact with each other, and seeing how much they learn here at DSECC.

    Jody Hilton
    Van Driver, Eagles - Assistant Teacher, Floater