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Welcome to Our

Welcome to Our Classrooms

This center serves infants through school age students. There are ten classrooms with approximately 110 children enrolled.

Below is a complete listing of our classrooms.

You can take a peek inside each classroom by viewing our short 1-minute video of each.

Our Facility

The center is located in the Akron Mennonite Church. This center is a STAR 4 center through Keystone STARS. The center also earned NAEYC accreditation in October 2013.
To find out more about these quality initiatives and why they are important, please click below.

Warblers (6 Wks - 12 Months)

Our infant room is always busy with activity. We pride ourselves on a low teacher-to-child ratio in this room, allowing for plenty of individualized attention and bonding.

Monthly, individualized lesson plans provide meaningful activities to aid your baby’s development.

We have a great play area for babies to explore and discover which is away from the sleeping area for napping. Formula, baby food, diapers and wipes are included in your tuition!

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Bluebirds (1 Year Old)
The Bluebird classroom is a flexible, creative, and encouraging environment in which we strive to provide experiences full of discovery.

Our program is created to help the children to grow while learning through the individual interests of the children.

The teachers use those interests to teach both meaningful and developmentally appropriate concepts. The opportunities we provide allow each child to explore through play at their own pace while developing valuable social skills and peer relationships. 

Baby food, diapers and wipes are included in your tuition!
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Robins (2 Years Old)

The Robin classroom gives older toddlers an opportunity to be in a preschool class with peers while still having the care and guidance that a toddler needs.

This program allows older toddlers a chance to play and interact with peers through learning centers and play.

It also gives them some structured activities with a teacher’s guidance. Self help skills and language development are the primary goals of this program.

The Robins also have weekly music and Bible enrichment classes.

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Preschool (3 Years Old)

Preschool is a crucial time in a child’s development for social skills and awareness of others. Our program guides and helps the children to problem solve, develop self-help skills and interact with peers.

In our preschool program, the children discover the world around them though unit studies incorporating language arts, math, science, social studies, music and cultural activities.

We offer two options for preschool to meet your family’s needs; Swans and Hummingbirds.

Swans (3 Years Old)

The preschool Swans class is a two morning (Tuesday/Thursday) class that runs from 9:00 am-12:00 pm during the school year.
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Preschool (3 Years Old)


Our preschool has two different options to choose from; the Swans (shown above) and the Hummingbirds. 

The Hummingbird class is an extended day preschool class for families that need a longer day.

It runs year round from 6:30-6:00 pm. You choose the hours that work for you.  Families can choose 2, 3 or 5 days per week, according to their needs.
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Pre-K Programs

Our Pre-K programs are designed to blend academic concepts and social interaction through language arts, literature, beginning math skills, creative arts, music, science and cultural activities.

Problem solving, beginning reading skills, and following directions are some of the goals. Children will continue to learn about themselves and their surrounding environments in a safe, nurturing and encouraging place.

They will be encouraged to share, interact with peers and teachers, as well as respect themselves, others, and their environment.

This experience is designed to prepare children for success in kindergarten.

We offer several options for Pre-K to meet your family’s needs.

Pre-K (4 - 5 Years Old)

Cardinals (4 – 5 Years Old)

The Cardinal class is an extended day, Pre-Kindergarten class for families that need a longer day.

It runs year round from 6:30-6:00 pm. You choose the hours that work for you.  Families can choose 2, 3 or 5 days per week, according to their needs.

Swans (4 – 5 Years Old)

The Pre-K Swans class is a three morning (M/W/F) class that runs from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm during the school year.
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Orioles (4 - 5 Years Old)

This class is a full day, state funded, Pre-K Counts class that runs five days a week from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Entrance into this class is based on family income and other risk factors.

Before and/or after care is available for a fee.

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Owls (Before and After Care for Kindergarten)

Our Before and After Care for Kindergarten program allows parents to give the gift of time to their children:

  • Time to discover the world of learning. Our curriculum is the best of both worlds by combining our play-based curriculum with academic content. The children continue to grow through The Creative Curriculum® building confidence, social emotional skills, as well as a love of learning. In addition, the children receive more structured instruction in the subject areas through Kid Writing, Reading and Math.

  • Time with their teacher; our small class size allows the teacher to work individually with each child.

  • Time for working families to make Kindergarten work for their schedule with both before and after school options.

Children who attend Akron Elementary or Fulton Elementary in the Ephrata Area School District can come to Diamond Street before and/or after their half-day kindergarten class.

We have a van to transport to and from Fulton Elementary. The children who attend Akron Elementary will be walked out to the bus stop by one of our responsible adults and get transported by Ephrata Area School District to and from school.

Eagles (1st - 4th Grade)

School Age

Before and after school care is available to students in grades 1 through 4. Transportation to and from the center is provided for students attending Akron Elementary or Fulton Elementary by Diamond Street Early Childhood Center. 

The hours of operation for before school care are 6:30 am to 8:30 am; breakfast provided. Our after school hours are 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm; snack provided.  Before and after school at Diamond Street is much more than babysitting! Fun educational opportunities are provided daily to extend your child’s learning beyond the school day.
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Music and Bible Classes

Our Music class offers the children enjoyment, structure, and lots of singing and playing of musical instruments. Our Bible class teaches age-appropriate Bible stories and concepts using fun techniques and activities.

Our Music and Bible teacher is passionate about bringing the joy of singing and appreciation of music and Bible stories to her classes.
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