Parent Cafe

Diamond Street Early Childhood Center is proud to host our Parent Café which models the national “Be Strong Families” – Parent café. Parent cafés are based on the principles of adult support and are a gateway to providing parent leadership opportunities.

Parent cafés focus on building five protective factors that also promote healthy outcomes. * Parental Resilience * Social Connections * Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development * Concrete Support in Times of Need * Social and Emotional Competence of Children.

All Parent Cafés are free of charge and held at Diamond Street Early Childhood Center, inside Akron Mennonite Church, located at 1311 Diamond Street, Akron, PA 17501. You may registar through email, mindy@diamondstreet.org or by phone at 717-859-4272. Parent Cafés are held once a month on the following Thursdays from October 2017 – May 2018.

The dates are as follows:

October 26, 2017  –   November 16, 2017  –   December 21, 2017  –  January 18, 2018  –  
February 22, 2018  –  March 15, 2018  –  April, 12, 2018  –   May 10, 2018